Back Down The Road

by Matt & Donna

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This song is written from the perspective of an old car who is on its' last legs and has been abandoned by its' owner. As its' life flashes before its eyes it comes to the realization that even though it's taken people all over the place it hasn't really been a part of any of those memories. It's just a vehicle, and now that it doesn't have a purpose to serve, it's even less than that.


I know that it sounds dire
it might even seem perverse
but every time you find my movements to your benefit
I'm used up bit by bit and I'm made worse

But I'm not really one for grudges
I try to keep my words in check
but all these things that pass right by my field of vision now
they move by with precision and turn black

And you can try to keep your focus pointed ahead
till you're swerving up and down every lane
and though you may see them coming back down the road
you know you're gonna lose them again

My vision through a tunnel
just like headlights in the night
is currently awash with all your gestures
before promptly disappearing from my sight

Yes in the past I kept on turning
towards all the miles I could accrue
but now I realize that every time you got
where you were going I wish I had gone there too

And while you may like to think you're part of it all
there's a distance that will grow as you age
and though you may see them coming back down the road
you know you're gonna lose them again

I tried my best to just keep up with you
and for a while we were the same
but time is kind and terrible this much is true
and now you're stuck with my remains

So now I'm caught between the oak trees
even more silent than before
and near the pavement where I was
once a modern chariot you've stranded me alone forevermore

And I see lights as they flicker off in the dark
and I'm feeling like I'm doing the same
and I feel time standing still it's permanent now
but I know I won't be moving again
I know I won't be leaving again


released July 31, 2011
All parts written and performed by Matt and Donna except:
Bass by Charlie McCarron
Drumms by Rob Carmichael



all rights reserved


Matt & Donna Minneapolis, Minnesota

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